What to Look for in a Preschool – UNM Continuing Education


Sometimes, called nursery school, youngsters aged in the preschool could be learning a great deal, and they can benefit from a jump start to schools by taking advantage the pre-school services. Preschool is a program which begins before the age of kindergarten. If your child has reached playing school age and is in the first grade, they must acquire some of the knowledge they will need to succeed in Kindergarten and the first grade.

Preschool is comprised of a variety kinds of educational activities that are all used to help children understand concepts they will need to know when they start regular schools. These classes often teach the alphabet as well as getting children started in reading. Some pre schools teach them numbers and math as well. Most incorporate physical learning by allowing tactile learners to acquire knowledge that manner. Preschool must also be fun. Preschool should be fun for children.

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