Heres a Do It Yourself Air Condition Repair for Only $15 – Do it Yourself Repair

This video shows you how to fix a tiny leak in your ac exchange. This DIY DIY air conditioning repair makes use of unconventional equipment to solve the issue.
This video will show you how you can fix your air conditioner in less than 15 dollars. This innovative approach to DIY ac repairs is not like what professionals are used to but it absolutely works and that’s the most important component. See as Merv (who will also prove very fun) guides you through the step-by-step process of fixing a minor leak in an AC unit.
A licensed EPA professional must be able to recharge an AC unit. You may not have the ability to recharge your unit as an attempt at DIY, however there is a good chance that you can solve those minor leaks that many air conditioner systems wind up popping. Check out this video to discover how to do repairs yourself to your air conditioning unit or just enjoy being entertained by this colorful character that provides plenty of tips. d74e4emet1.

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