Do You Want A Landscape Designer or Architect? – The Movers in Houston

T. If you’re not working in the industry, you may think that they’re the same issue, but they’re actually quite different. They differ in four key ways. One of them is their education levels. A landscape architect requires at least a four-year degree. Then, you need to train under a licensed landscape architect prior to taking tests to be licensed. A license is not required for designers in the field, but associate degrees are available.

Designers are typically employed in homes. They may also be employed on smaller office buildings and churches. Their main focus is on landscaping, including flowers and trees. They aren’t huge in scale and add an artistic and attractive element to the home. Architects can do all of the above mentioned tasks But they may also alter the grade of the terrain and add wall retaining. The city planners or town boards hire architects for bigger jobs. Land changes require particular knowledge and education, consequently landscape architects aren’t competent to do the job.


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