How Personal Auto Insurance Works – Custom Wheels Direct

Our team will assist you to comprehend the various kinds of auto insurance policies.
Liability Protection

Liability insurance gives you coverage if you’re in an accident and are responsible for the accident. There are two kinds of coverage: injuries for other people or property belonging to someone else (ie their car). Liability covers the cost for injuries to another person and also damages if any. Liability Insurance covers medical payments

Medical payments coverage is for the medical bills you incur if are injured by an accident. Your passengers and you are covered, regardless your fault.

Underinsured or uninsured

Uninsured motorist coverage is applicable when you crash into someone who isn’t insured. It covers the expense they don’t have insurance for and will not cover. A quarter of drivers are not insured. Make sure you are in control of your money.

It is also possible to get underinsured insurance if the insurance coverage of the other driver does not cover you. In reality, they’ve got insurance.

Protection from physical damage

Your car’s policy on physical damages includes direct and accidental damage. There’s “collision” as well as “other then collision”. The term “collision” is easy to understand, while the other is used for unexpected accidents such as your engine failing to start.


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