Fence Panel Installation – Great Conversation Starters


step. The process involves marking the area to be fenced and using the string to determine the panel fence’s width. Check that corners have not made into the fence. When you’ve completed the initial design phase of the installation the time has come to drill the holes for the end posts.

Based on an YouTube video uploaded by The Home Depot titled “How to Build the Panel Fence,” the holes should be about a third long and should be dug 6 feet deep, before filling with gravel. Concrete is recommended for posts, and any bubbles should be cleared. Manufacturers may also provide specific instructions.

Next, attach the posts with fasteners using screws or nails. them. They can be attached to fencing from inside using fasteners. Ensure that you put the posts in a level position prior to installing them. After installing the rest of the posts, you must ensure that fence replacement is done in a straight line.

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