How to Choose the Best Wood Flooring for Your Space – Online Voucher

Vinny Viraga, Jr., Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet discusses the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood floors with exotic designs.

The Janka scale used by the US Forestry service rates the degree of hardness and durability that different hardwood floors are. Floors with a high score according to the Janka scale will be more resilient to scratches and damage.

It is believed that the Janka scale is quite exuberant for Brazilian cherry, or Jatoba. It has a lovely cherry color. While it’s red in nature the cherry can be used for flooring mosaics as well as inset floors.

Brazilian teak rates higher that Brazilian cherry on the Janka scale. Sometimes referred to as kumaru, it has a tan to red color and a subtle grain.

Tigerwood isn’t as durable as Brazilian teak or Brazilian teak, but it’s more durable than most wood floors and offers a vibrant color variation that stands out.

Santos Mahogany becomes darker over time than it does because of direct sunlight. The Janka rating is similar to Tigerwood.

Bamboo flooring can come with different Janka rating depending on how it’s handled. Although bamboo flooring is less susceptible to moisture than wood flooring, it is susceptible to the effects of moisture. xfxkarpmbc.

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