Summertime Home Maintenance Tips

You can do it at your home.

Mulch your gardens. Mulch can keep weeds out of your yard and will help conserve moisture. Additionally, it will improve the appearance of your house. This is also a great opportunity to prepare your outdoor space for the summer barbecues and parties.

Take note of pests

The pests themselves can be a problem. Carpenter ants, termites , and others can be challenging. They love damp and decaying wood. Therefore, you must make sure that your gutters are in good condition and ensure that firewood, the mulch and lush shrubs is not in close proximity to the home’s foundation. Be on the lookout for sawdust piles along the foundation boards if you believe you may have an infestation. This is a sign that you have carpenter ants. Contrarily termites love to shed their wings on windowsills, walls, and any other entry points.

The mosquitoes and ticks can also be a problem. The best way to get rid of the ticks or mosquitoes by ensuring that there aren’t any breeding grounds. The standing water in your home is where mosquitoes breed. Look out for empty gardening pots, birdbaths, or long grass. It is also one of the most frequent targets of ticks. You should be sure to mowing your lawn regularly, particularly sections of your lawn where there is shade. When you’ve done that you’ll be able to rest and be confident that all outdoor activities can go smoothly without stressing about pests.

Clean Your Ceiling Fan

There are many reasons why ceiling fans are very much popular these days. Ceiling fans are able to help reduce the cost of electricity in your home and make it more efficient as they do not depend on the AC for as long. These units are attractive and are a great choice for decorative elements. They do require some care, particularly during the summer, to run efficiently. Things like wiping and oiling will go a long way in keeping ceiling fans well-maintained as the season gets underway. Keep in mind that fan blades can be prone to dust accumulation and can spread throughout the home. Be sure to keep them clean and free of this. Ceiling fans at the point of no return in their period should be replaced.


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