The Origins Of The Engagement Ring – InClue

. They are renowned for their distinctive design and diamonds, engagement rings were used during wedding ceremonies since the beginning of time. Many people believe they are made from diamond or gold, the fact is that it was only in the past that it became popular. But what is the story behind the creation for these adornments of love? presents a video entitled “The History of Wedding and Engagement Rings” that discusses how these rings came into existence in Egypt and Rome. According to historical sources, the original wedding rings were created using hemp and organic material around 3000 years ago in Egypt. Rings made of iron were traded in Ancient Rome for weddings which began the practice of making use of precious metals in wedding rings. Engagement rings started to take on a modern appearance with interlocking designs around the 1500s and 1600s of Europe. It was not until WWII that men began wearing wedding rings to be able of keeping in touch with their wives and families while deployed. Although they have taken different forms through the years Engagement rings have remained a symbol of commitment. Rings can be worn either right or left handed and serve as the symbol of love. esfqjeszlg.

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