Your Questions on Foundation Repair, Answered – Reference Books Online

A YouTube video titled “Foundation Repair Process Unveiled!” This video describes the entire process. The document explains the entire procedure starting with site preparation, through clearing, ramming the backfill, as well as final clean-up of the site.

Preparing the area for potential piers to come in the near future. The way to do this is by lining the home with wooden boards as well as tarps for protection of the yard or lawn. Be sure to have plenty of Tarps for the interior of your piers. This can be done by drilling holes five to six feet below the beam that supports your home. In the next step, you’ll have to ram with hydraulic machines.

It is now time to raise the house. After you have achieved the desired elevation, you can fix the rise using concrete blocks and steel shhims. Lastly, strengthen the slab. Use the excavated dirt to fill in the holes of the piers and then haul off any remaining dirt.

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