Moving to the Rockies? What You Need to Know About Rockfall Mitigation – Interstate Moving Company

e to help keep the rock off the side of the road and not to spread out into the road obstructing traffic.

The video can be viewed to know more.

Rockfall mitigation is essential when you are planning to move to the Rockies. The video below explains the steps required for rockfall mitigation. It is a proactive measure that helps keep rocks falling out of the mountains , and avoid hitting vehicles while they are passing. The agency of the state is in charge of this interesting procedure. Loose rocks and debris are swept from the mountain with ropes attached by workers. When the debris has been removed, the area is checked and the mesh employed is used to stop stones from falling into roads. The video below from the Colorado Department of Transportation will tell you all you need to know about the work being taken to ensure the safety of motorists specifically along the I-70 mountain corridor. It is an essential video of anyone moving to or already living in Rockies. It will amaze you at how much effort goes to make roads more secure. It is evident from the security measures taken on I-70.

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