How to Tow a Car on a Flat Bed Tow Truck – Car Dealer A

The ow truck is preferred because it lifts the whole car and does not touch the ground, decreasing the chance of collisions when towing. To minimize the risk of accidents It is important to learn how to load and unload safely on flatbed trucks. Below are some useful techniques for auto towing.
Prior to loading the flatbed truck, be sure that the truck is level. If the trailer is secured at the top, the ramps must be set. Make sure that the vehicle’s weight and the trailer aren’t more than the total vehicle weight. In order to avoid overloading your axles ensure that you check the load distribution at the rear and in front.
To ensure that the center of gravity stays to a minimum, it’s essential to put the bulkiest items closer to the front end of your vehicle. To prevent your load moving make use of straps, a chains, or a tensioning device. This can help retain control and stop moving from the center of gravity. For additional information as well as a visual representation, watch the video below. pn9v5a6lqz.

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