Shabby Chic Bathroom Design Ideas – Family Reading


Choose your bathroom’s design which is elegant and shabby chic. It will blend well with other elements like wallpaper, tiles , or hardwood floors. As an example, it might be tile or linoleum made from recycled materials as well as bamboo mats.

Quartz, clay and various minerals are employed to create ceramic tiles. It becomes a hard surface that is used for floors, walls or even counters for centuries when shaped, dried and glazed. The material is strong and easily cleaned, making it an excellent choice for flooring in bathrooms.

As installing ceramic tiles can be difficult, you will have to locate a reputable flooring contractor or installer. Ceramic tile can be costlier than many other choices. On the basis of your space it is possible that you will need cut out fixtures and appliances.

Porcelain tile is made from pure clay or mineral compounds. They’re produced similarly to ceramic tile but have distinct appearance and being a bit more translucent as well as having a greater gloss.

Porcelain can withstand water similar to ceramic tiles. If the installation isn’t done correctly as it should be, the material is weak and vulnerable to cracking. You should hire an experienced professional to do the installation.

Ceramic tiles can be higher priced per square foot.

Use a Different Color Palette

The basic idea behind the shabby chic bathroom designs is to calm the mind and to have a restful time. You can do this by choosing any of the white and off-white hues as you like. This can be used to paint your bathroom’s ceiling, walls or floor as well as other areas. To make your bathroom appear brighter choose pastel colors such as white and light blue. Use dark colors such as gray, brown, or black, to create accents.

The possibilities are endless. You could use different colors within your plans to give them a fresh contemporary look. Certain colors may draw attention to certain areas of your plan, such as the roofing. In order to create an impact make sure to change the bathroom color from to


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