Which Steel Distributor Gear is Best for You? – Free Car Magazines

How can you pick which distributor gear made of steel? Every one offers its own benefits and drawbacks. Make sure you choose one that suits your engine and meets your requirements. Below are some guidelines to help you choose the appropriate distributor for your vehicle.

These distributor gears made of hardened steel are much stronger and more durable than bronze, silver, or polymer distributor gears. These are usually utilized by OEMs and are designed to be used with OEM engines. Due to their durability, they’re often made to last longer and make an excellent investment.

The distributor gears made of composite, on the other side they are very different. Since they’re made from a strong, polymer material and are able to last for a bit longer. They’re more flexible in comparison to other choices. This is why they’re also extremely light in weight , and often cheaper than more durable, metal-based counterparts.

It is best to learn about the specific gears offered by the various distributors prior to making the final decision. As per your objectives every gear will have distinct characteristics. For more information, including details about bronze and cast iron distributor gears check out the video here.


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