A Guide on Shutter Installations – Home Town Colorado

Do it right.
Choose an Open Area

The shutters must be broken in pieces prior to being sent to you. Then, you must inspect each frame or piece of material that is sent to you. You must ensure that the frame or panel are in good condition as well as free of cracks, dents, etc. Each piece comes with its own distinctive tag, which is attached to the manual for installation.

Drilling of Frames and Panels

Frames need to be welded to their right shape before it is placed on the window. It is important that the edges that are on the sides come with equal allowance. When the panel is fixed properly the panel’s installation won’t be that challenging.

Removing Shutters

If shutters that were previously installed need to be replaced, you have to remove them before you do anything else. This allows you to determine the age of shutters.

Placement and leveling of shutters

The shutters need to be correctly positioned and leveled before they are able to be placed. There should be no gaps, and if using a level, make sure that the shutter is plumb.


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