Annual Home Maintenance for the Winter Season – DIY Home Decor Ideas

Trimming back ones near your property or powerlines is a very sensible option. It might even be necessary for a tree to be removed or at least cut off big branches that may die before the winter ends.

If you don’t follow these instructions, it can result in major damage to your property as well as your vehicle or family members in the event of a major weather storm.

Make sure you seal and inspect your doors as well as Windows

A proper insulation inspection should be conducted at the time of each home maintenance, especially before the coldest season of the year. There are many little cracks and holes which could result in heat loss and cold air to make it into your house.

The fact that your windows and doors are properly sealed and properly insulated will save you cost on heating, and also ensure that everyone is warm and cozy. Check and change the caulk around your door frames.

If you don’t have time to inspect your windows and ensure they’re sealed properly and properly, it’s a good idea to contact to a window replacement service, or an expert company in the field of home insulation. This is also true for the doors of your home, as even the smallest gap can change the internal temperature.

Check Your Foundation

The foundation may suffer in the winter season. In cold weather, soil can begin to shrink, contract and enable foundations to move, and become shakier. The result is damage through cracks which could, which in turn, open an open space for water to enter and rodents.

This water, as well as pests will be welcomed in your home and that’s something you have to be careful about and stay clear of. Remember that ice and snow can melt and enter your house through holes in your foundation. It could cause mold or mildew, wood rot as well as property damage in your basement.

For these reasons that repairs to foundations are crucial and should be an integral part of your regular home maintenance checklist.

Watch out for Ice Dams

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