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Are you able to get detained for debt?
Although there are instances in which debt may be criminalized however, it’s important to be aware of the circumstances and how. It is also important to be aware of your rights should that you’re caught in this type of situation. It is possible to determine if you require the services of a criminal attorney.
It’s important to know that your debt from a consumer can’t serve as a basis to arrest. The debt collection companies don’t have legal power for threatening you with arrest. But, there are circumstances where your debt may cause you to be arrested due to other charges like defying a court decision or committing fraud.
The law in the criminal code clearly declares that debt collectors cannot be threatening you with arrest but they still have the right to utilize this legal process to sue you for failing to pay the amount due. If you’ve ever thought about whether debt is considered criminal and therefore illegal, this article can help clarify your doubt. Suing for debts you owe is an powerful legal option for debt collection agencies.
Legally, it is known as a civil suit regarding the amount owed. You could find yourself in danger if your don’t handle a lawsuit with most care. If you’re being sued and do not appear before the court, you could face the default judgment which could cause a garnishment or bank tax.
If You Are Arrested to settle a debt
If you’re in the middle of a large amount of debt, you’ll find ways for debt collectors to use to obtain your arrest. If one of these situations occur to you, it’s crucial to have a criminal defense lawyer at the ready.
In the event that you fail to satisfy your court order due to not attending court and not observing the judge’s ruling.
If you receive a check that bounces in the mail, debt collectors could claim you’ve engaged in fraud.
If you are unable to return a rented it

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