How Life Insurance Works – Doug Davies

Apply and make a claim. Let’s dig deeper into how this method is efficient for insurance firms.

The first question to ask is how much insurance money will go? The funds from insurance usually go to a relative or beneficiary. This is contingent on the specifics of the contract. But, it’s made on an individual basis. It is important to understand the difference between term life and permanent lives.

The term “life insurance” covers the insured over a specified length of time. The time frame can be as short as 15 years or long-term. The policyholder’s death does not mean that any of their beneficiaries will receive the money.

It is as the name suggests. the life insurance policy is permanent and will be in force through the whole life span of the insured. In the unlikely event the insurance policyholder is not able to pay their monthly premiums, the plan will still cover the cost. Companies make their money from those who do not pay the premiums.

This is just a tiny piece of info about life insurance. The above video provides more details on specific legalities as well as rates for insurance.


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