14 Key Services to Include in Your Monthly Car Maintenance Plan


The truck you are driving should operate without a hitch. You must adhere to the guidelines for maintenance in the operator’s manual.
11. Long-Term Maintenance Requirements

There are a handful of routine maintenance tasks for your vehicle that aren’t monthly monitors however are essential for the general security and well-being of your car. These things are vital to keep your car running even if it’s not your intention to regularly check them.

12. Transmission Fluid

The fluid in your transmission is essential to the proper operation of your car’s transmission, lubricating the delicate gearbox that keeps the power flowing to the wheels. It is possible to notice your engine having trouble starting when your fluid for the transmission isn’t checked frequently. In reality, transmissions should be checked every time your car has the oil change. technicians will inform them know if they require cleaning your transmission.

13. Checking Your Suspension

Every 50,000 miles you have to ensure your struts and shocks are getting checked out. These things can take some beating especially if you live near the Upper Midwest or you are coming out from winter before the state’s Department of Transportation can repair the worst potholes along I-94 that exits St. Paul. Additionally, take your car in for a check of your suspension in the event that you’ve lost a significant amount of smoothness or control on the road.

14. Spark Plugs

Another occasional periodic replacement that must be taken care of frequently, the spark plugs become weaker with time and need to be replaced. If you notice a decline in your engine’s performance, have them checked by a professional.

There are a handful of important items you must have to maintain your vehicle’s safety in the roadway. Remember that your vehicle is crucial and you’re probably not likely to accomplish much with it if it’s not in good condition.


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